Availability Update: October 2019

15 Oct 2019 | News

FINALLY! October is My favourite month.

There are amazing events; it’s hot enough to enjoy the sunshine and cold enough to enjoy a snuggle; Halloween is just around the corner so I get to *really* lash out with crazy fun costuming; plus it is My birthday. See, I told you it was the best month.

This year I am actually taking a holiday. A real holiday. One where I don’t work, not “just for a day”, no just squeezing in a cheeky session. I am taking 7 days of (almost) complete holiday. I am slightly confused and very excited. Do I pack books or My kindle? What does one actually *do* on holidays? What will the internet be like? Am I actually allowed to binge-read and go for walks, without feeling like I “ought” to be busy being busy?┬áTalk about edge play!

Should you be feeling in a giving mood, I love Amazon and Uber gift cards, and surprise deposits in My bank account. I also like receiving puns, poems and amusing cards in the post. My cat loves bubble wrap.

My availability this month is:

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