Availability April 2022

Are you sneaking a peek? This website contains discussions and images of and relating to consensual BDSM. I ought to know, I made it Myself. If this content is not suitable for you to view because, for example: you are a minor or otherwise unable to give legal...

Availability February 2022

Double Domme sessions with Mistress Blake are Back On and I’m so fucking excited. We are a Most Excellent pair for rubbery fun, strap-on spit roast, tandem discipline and oh-so-much more.

Tour Diary: 29-30 January 2022 Newcastle

It has been such a Long Time since I last toured, so I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a weekend jaunt to Newcastle. I have to tell you, I’m quite excited! I am particularly in the mood forstrap-on and fistingreceptacle training – spittoon, urinal,

Review: Breath by James Nestor

I finished reading Breath a fortnight ago and there isn’t a day since that it hasn’t been on My mind.

I had heard about it last year through some friends and popped it onto My list of books-to-read (always much longer than the time I have available) as it seemed to be an interesting bridge between things I already know about Tantric and Meditative breathing techniques, polyvagal

Behind the Scenes

I don’t know if you know this, but My voice sounds like sex and power. It’s true. I like My voice and I’ve put quite a lot of work into it over the years, controlling the pitch and tone and projection, imbuing it with as much expression as possible so that even when you can’t see My face you can hear My smile.

Availability January 2022

In-person sessions are still available in Sydney for those of you that are vaccinated. In addition to vaccination certificates, you’ll be required to complete a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to your session.

A Fond Farewell

After a number of years (six and a half!!!) with the Sydney FemDommes and subs Munch, first as an organiser then as the leader, it is now time for Me to pass along the mantle.

Holi-dates Availability

It’s the pointy end of yet another year. I hope that you have been taking it easy and treating yourselves gently.

My session availability over the festive season is as follows:

Thursday 23 December
Sunday 26 December
Sunday 2 January
Monday 3 January

2022 Domina Parties Calendar

The indomitable Leah of LHD Art – resident life drawing artist for Domina Parties Australia – has created something very special for all us femdom fans. Announcing the 2022 Domina Parties calendar! 

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