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Miss Penelope Dreadful

Professional Dominatrix | Smiling Sadist | Filthy Pervert | Pleasure Addict | Authentic Alpha Female

Pursuit of personal pleasure is the ultimate civil disobedience.

For over a decade I have been working passionately to build an independent career – working in establishments, touring extensively both interstate and internationally, building My own play space, and organising parties, workshops and events for My community. I fucking love what I do. Through BDSM I have met the most incredible people and I am privileged to call them My pets, My peers, and My friends.

I bring infectious enthusiasm and a wicked imagination to My scenes, drawing out your inner desires.

I believe that it is more revealing to focus on context rather than content. Don’t tell Me what you want to do.

Tell Me, how would you like to feel?

Would you like to feel vulnerable, ensnared, exposed? Would you like to feel abandoned, afraid, humiliated? Would you like to feel nurtured, controlled, cocooned?

Would you like to feel enlivened, to feel uncontrollable joy? Would you like to live purely through your senses, feeling-touching-tasting the world and its exquisite intimacies? Would you like to feel nothing, that blissful release from expectation?

I adore working with couples of all identities and orientations. Let Me show you some tips and tricks that will follow you home and continue to enhance your relationship as well as your play. 
I have experience in working with people with disability and mobility impairment. 
I tour interstate and internationally throughout the year. Keep an eye on My tour dates.

I do not demand your submission, I inspire it.

I don't demand your submission, I inspire it...

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