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Professional Dominatrix | Smiling Sadist | Filthy Pervert | Pleasure Addict | Authentic Alpha Female


Tell Me, how would you like to feel?

Would you like to feel enlivened, to feel uncontrollable joy? Would you like to live purely through your senses, feeling-touching-tasting the world and its exquisite intimacies? Would you like to feel nothing, that blissful release from expectation?

Would you like to feel vulnerable, ensnared, exposed? Would you like to feel nurtured, controlled, cocooned?

Let Me show you some tips and tricks that will follow you home and continue to enhance your relationship as well as your play.

Couples inclusive


Tailored Experiences

Each and every one of My bookings is as unique as you are.

Tell Me…

How would you like to feel? What would you like to explore?

Let Me use My experience and imagination to bring your fantasies to life…

Click here to make a Monday Bumday booking

Monday Bumday

Click here to make a Tied and Teased Bondage Booking

Tied & Teased

Click here to make a custom booking by the hour

Bespoke BDSM


Bespoke BDSM

By the hour

What would you like to explore? Or better yet, answer My favourite question and tell Me how you’d like to feel…

from $350.00*

Some activities, items, and expenses are not covered by My rates. This includes Full Toilet Training, Smoking, Forced Bi sessions, and more.

$80.00 – $150.00


Packaged for Convenience

Monday Bumday

You can have anything you want…as long as all you want is bum fun.

2 hours. Anal play all day. Only available Mondays.

from $500.00*

Tied and Teased

One hour is never long enough to truly luxuriate when it comes to bondage, so let’s not rush ourselves. Let it linger…

3 hours. Bondage and sensory deprivation, delightful!

from $750.00*


* The Overheads


Travel fees apply for Outcall bookings.

from $30.00

Venue Hire

I know a number of discreet, well-appointed venues that are available by the hour or overnight if you would like Me to arrange a location for our booking.

from $80.00/hr


News & Events

November Update

November Update

Three weeks ago I had My second surgery – hardware removal. 2 plates, 9 screws, and I got to keep them all!!
The surgery itself was uneventful and the recovery has been super smooth.

Oz Kink Fest 2022

Oz Kink Fest 2022

I’m going to be in Melbourne from the OKF Fetish Expo all the way through, attending each of the events and even holding one of My own! Here’s a blow-by-blow so you can put the important dates in your calendar.