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Domina Parties September 2022

6 Sep 2022 | Events

Slave Manor: COVEN

Slave Manor events are high protocol roleplay events – like How To Host A Murder, but kinkier and much more fun.

This month’s party is Coven. Inspired by the cumming of Spring, a wild and hedonistic celebration of Beltane is on the cards. You could expect some MayPole action in the form of inventive CBT; decorative bondage as we wrap you up like gifts; plenty of candles and wax play oh my; maybe even a fertility ritual or two.

Prepare to be sacrificed at the altar of the Goddesses in the name of pleasure – but will it be yours or theirs?

Not sure if you’d like to play but want to find out what it’s all about? Join us as a Voyeur or (even better) as a Service Submissive for the Dominas. What is the difference, you ask? Voyeurs sit back and observe the plethora of play. Service Submissives assist the Dominas as required, whether that is fetching snacks, cleaning equipment, or posing in amusing positions. If you find that you’d like to join the play on the day, you can always upgrade at the time.


We are confident that our standard of best practice hygiene protocols will continue to serve us well, and we have augmented them with COVID-specific responses to offer the best protection for us all. We value the health and safety of our hosting Dominas as well as our attendees and participants. We are staying informed of the local, national, and global progress of this pandemic and will continue to adapt as appropriate. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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