Miss Penelope Dreadful Testimonials
A tribute from a treasured pet

A tribute from a treasured pet

I forgot that I had this tucked away in My drafts...it brought such a smile to My face again today. Thank you. Dear Mistress Penelope, As you know, I have recently recommenced my weekly adornment in hosiery, as previously commanded by You. Thank You firstly for taking...

Testimonial – October 2016

Testimonial – October 2016

I recently had the pleasure of a personal session with a pet that has been attending the Domina Parties this year. He has absolutely blossomed, every time I see him at a munch, a peer event or even helping welcome people to online groups he is generosity personified....



Many thanks for such an amazing session. Enjoyed every minute of it. You were so thorough in exploring each and every fetish. And the way you approached them was also so unique. Felt truly nervous and subservient in your presence. It seemed all natural. Was an honor...

A trip, a testimonial and availability

A very lovely week was had in Melbourne with My precious pets and Naughty Nerdy. There were leathers and lashes, sounds and spankings, so much to delight the senses and bring smiles to the faces of subs and Domme alike. One of My wonderful pets wrote the following...

Testimonial – May 2015

I had a lovely session last week with a new sub and received a beautiful email today. Receiving such wonderful feedback is heartwarming and a reminder that for others also, the joy of our play extends past the session.   Hi Mistress Penelope, Wanted to send you a...

Melbourne Misadventures, Easter and Sydney availability

I am back in Sydney and back at My computer after a wonderful week in Melbourne, and was delighted to be greeted by some lovely post-session emails. It makes Me smile ear-to-ear to know that My pets have had as much fun as I have! Mistress i just wanted to say...

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