Miss Penelope Dreadful ::: Professional Dominatrix

I consider Myself lucky to have come to the world of BDSM at a rather tender young age.

I commenced a traineeship in 2007 at infamous institution The Kastle in Sydney, Australia.
In the four years following, I was exposed to a myriad of fabulous fantasies, brilliant bondage, devastating discipline, and subversive sublimation. I worked with some amazing Dominas, many of whom are still practising both around Australia and overseas. I trained house slaves and aspiring Mistresses alike over these years. It brings Me great pleasure that some of My very dear friends and peers were once My trainees.

These days I am an independent Mistress. This decision has allowed Me to nurture My passion for kink, explore My personal fetishes and develop My skills in new and different ways, as well as embrace My wanderlust. I travel around Australia regularly and have started a more regular tour to the US and the UK. Find the details for My upcoming tours or events here.

A passionate pervert, I love exploring new ideas and techniques and dedicate a portion of each year to up-skilling.
Recent forays into education have included

  • Urban Tantra Practitioners Training ~ Barbara Carellas, US
  • Professional Disability Awareness Training ~ Touching Base, Aus
  • Professional Body Piercing & Genital Piercing ~ Piercing HQ, Aus
  • Saline Infusion & Invasive Medical Play ~ Satomi Zpira, Jpn
Miss Penelope Dreadful ::: Smiling Sadist

I enjoy hurting you. The louder you moan, the happier I am.

By no circumstance does this mean I am only interested in physical pain, scary scenarios or heavy marks (thought I most definitely am), but rather taking you to the edge of what you are comfortable experiencing.

You may be under the impression that edge play is always blades and sharp and breath control. For some people it is. For everyone else, the edge is where you find it – whether in role play, humiliation, tickle torture, forced fitness, vulnerability or fear.

I enjoy administering discipline as a reward and as a punishment. I take pride in My exacting, precise and percussive discipline, an over-the-knee spanking will leave your cheeks glowing rosy red and My caning will leave you with a delightful corrugated bottom should you desire a little souvenir of your time with Me.
If marks are a problem, I am able to tailor most moderate discipline sessions to leave only warmth that will dissipate within hours.

I marry My love of sharps with tantric breathwork, creating a mandala anchored in your flesh and woven with trinkets, or perhaps a set of wings for a budding Victoria’s Secret angel-in-training. Heavier gauge piercing, such as corsetry piercing, chastity piercing and others involving insertion of jewelery, can be planned for play or for permanence depending on the purpose and the project.

I take great pleasure in planning transformative works such as the creation of a temporary pussy for the dedicated lady-in-waiting or science experiment.

Predicament bondage is not just for your body, I can leave your mind all tied up too if you’d like to play long distance. My pair of 20-sided dice can guarantee amusement for days, especially when I have the key to your chastity device.

Come out and play, I double-dare you.

Miss Penelope Dreadful ::: Filthy Pervert

My perversions are not purely professional. I am most definitely a kinky bitch, through and through.

I am a foot fetishist. The right touch from someone who is entirely present, open to Me and responsive can result in an full body orgasm, surpassing genital pleasure. I love everything to do with feet and legs.

The morse-code tapping of My stride across polished floor boards, the arch of My ankle in stilettos, the silhouette of My calf clad in skin-tight boots, the seam of a stocking puckering its way up the length of My leg, the sweat tickling behind My knee and beading between My toes, the rasping cricket-chirrup of nylon legs brushing against each other, the dimples My high heels leave deep in your skin, the gasp drawn from you as I lower My full weight onto your chest balanced with precision in pointe ballet slippers.

I am a role play enthusiast, especially good at being bad. Constructing scenes that we can both get lost in, providing context to some of our deeper, darker desires, role play is a phenomenal tool to open your mind up in a safe setting. Racial, gender and cultural humiliation, interrogation, torture, kidnapping and blackmail can fall under this umbrella.

I am an executioner, carrying out the final sentence for an inmate. I am a girlfriend, chastising and cuckolding an errant lover. I am a secretary, blackmailing and queening the boss, humiliating him for My own amusement following one too many sexist remarks in the office. I am a Chief of Staff, offended by the latest affirmative action policy from HR and riled with disappointment at your lack of performance. I am a lady of the manor, My gracious and genteel manner in complement to My strict and exacting standards.

This is not a definitive summary, but a sneaky peek into what I enjoy. I have many other fetishes, fantasies and favourites, as interchangeable as the days depending on My mood.
For inspiration, best check up on My latest Erotica.

Miss Penelope Dreadful ::: Pleasure Addict

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
– Oscar Wilde

I accept sessions that bring Me joy. I wear things that turn Me on. I savour the connection between us when we play.

I am greedy for your involuntary expressions and the sounds that escape you – those teeth on your lip, that moan, this shiver under My touch.

I am voracious and insatiable. In power and energy exchange, I will take as much from you as you are willing to give and perhaps entice just a little more. I understand all too well the pleasure implicit in delayed gratification and draw immense satisfaction from your frustration as I play on the increasing tension of a protracted tease and denial scenario.

Should you be particularly taken with giving Me a token of your appreciation, please note that I travel frequently, so an extravagant lifestyle does not meet My needs. However, if you’d like to contribute to making it as relaxing as possible there are several ways that you could do so.

  1. Instead of gifting Me wine when I travel to your city, present Me with a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure. My suitcase is usually already packed fit to burst with our favourite kinky playthings so choose to soothe My back and feet before giving Me something else to carry.
  2. Vouchers to My favourite purveyors of perversion are always well-received. If you ask nicely, you might even able to accompany Me on a trip to pick exactly what I like.
  3. I occasionally remember to list items on My Wishlist rather than purchase them for Myself. Treat yourself to a fabulously excited reaction when you surprise Me with a gift that I really want.
Miss Penelope Dreadful ::: Authentic Alpha Female

This is not a role I play for you in session.
I am passionate, powerful and demanding all of the time.

I am precocious, assertive and capable. A voracious reader, a proactive leader and ambitious to boot. My natural confidence, erect comportment and vivacious nature guarantee that I stand out in a crowd without a spotlight. My dominance is an innate part of who I am and is not reliant on your submission.

Do not be fooled by My calm manner or quiet voice. Requests that I make of you are always reasonable and I expect them to be completed to the best of your ability without hesitation.

Considerate and courteous individuals that demonstrate respect for both My person and others are always held in high esteem.

I do not demand your submission. I inspire it.


I don't demand your submission, I inspire it...

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