Domina Parties Sydney 27 July 2019

6 Jul 2019 | Events

Later this month in Sydney, Domina Parties returns to its previously enjoyed scheduling of 2pm and 7pm at a new venue. This month we are celebrating Slave Manor: School Haze and Adoration Foot Fetish Party.

Slave Manor: School Haze is a celebration of when life was simple – oh those innocent, carefree school days…There will be hazing and headgirls, disciplinary mistresses, Physcial Education, uniform inspection and the dreaded pop quiz.

Adoration Foot Fetish Party is reasonably self-explanatory. I have a fetish for My feet being touched, worshipped, and using them to manipulate, crush, and tease people – so I made an event out of it! It’s winter, and I want to wear My gorgeous tall boots (that’s right, the purple ones in the picture below).

Joining Me in hosting these wonderful events will be Mistress Blake, Mistress Lillith and Mistress Lauretta.

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