Wow! Just wow!

I had a wonderful last week in Brisbane. The weather was stunning if a little fresh, which made it all the more delightful to rug up in My layers of latex. I had some truly wonderful yummy gummy sessions last week – from fully layered immersive latex, latex smothering, latex worship, latex polishing, crushing, inhaling, romping. Really, there was a lot of latex love. The photo above is from one of these luscious sessions and there are even some videos on Fetlife of one slave being teased while locked in chastity!

Latex was not all that was on the menu. One of My lovely local serving boys got more than he bargained for when he offered to provide whatever I needed. A friend was visiting and I had been invited to use the sauna (oooohhhh yes!) so little pet was packed off to the shops with a list of groceries, supplies (more condoms, more lube) and a special mission: to find Mistress a suitable bikini. And what a mission it was! It is very tricky to find a bikini in winter even in Queensland, however he was able to locate an attractive set in the right size. Very well done little pet!

Of course the bikini was not just used for the sauna – with those beautiful fresh sunny days I was dreaming of the beach and so it was sun, sand and surf on My mind when Smotherman arrived for his session. I decided that when I return in Spring, there would need to be a Domme picnic at the local clothing-optional beach but there was no time like the present to start training for service as a li-lo. And, naturally, one does not just sun tan their front at the beach. Smotherman was locked in his box and put through a full range of paces. He did so well that I decided to treat him to one of his favourite lingerie pieces, a beautiful scarlet thong from Pleasure State. What a lucky boy!

I also got to indulge in some truly beautiful roleplay while I was up north. One of My personal favourites was a gym girl beatdown roleplay. I really love sessions that have a focus on scent fetish, there’s something so perverse about using aroma in play!
For a few days beforehand I wore the same thong under My latex, making sure that it was nice and ripe. On the day, I gave Myself a little break from sessions to engage in some lovely stretching, some cardio and some yoga, enough to limber up and get the juices flowing (especially in My sweaty socks!). He’d been a bad boy – hanging around his dad’s gym to perve on the women trying to do weights and aerobics class. I’d finally had enough of being perved out in the gym and decided to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Quickly bound in My rubber resistance bands, he was helpless on the floor as I stuffed his mouth with My sweaty gym socks and tied My joggers over his face to muffle the protests while I stripped him. Going through his pockets, I discovered his Pokemon card collection. What a sissy boy! They were the perfect blackmail material. I ground his face into My fragrant crotch and told him that everything was being caught on camera to show the other women in My aerobics class.

If he ever complained, mentioned this or hassled any of the women again, we were going to broadcast the video over the gym tv stations on loop so that everyone could see him being beat up on by a girl. I tore up one of the glittery Pokemon cards and made him eat it while being smothered between My firm cheeks with no chance to spit it out. Finally, I forced him to ejaculate all over another card and then lick it clean as I laughed, the humiliation complete!

Another quick post up tomorrow with My final availability for My Melbourne tour. Stay tuned perverts!

xx Mistress Penelope Dreadful

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