Nyan-Penelope! Yes, that is My actual ass. It is magnificent.

The boy is doing really very well. No complications. A lot of weight has been lost and he’s not as strong or able as he was three months ago, but for someone that has just had 85% of an organ removed, I think he’s doing great. He’s eating, walking, masturbating – heavy lifting and exercise are off the menu for a while, the focus is on being guided by the body rather than a timetable, e.g. if it hurts, don’t do it.

How am I doing? A little bit burned out to tell the truth. Between looking after My boy and the joy of helping organise one of the largest Mardi Gras floats (stressful? Yes, but it was the ray of sunshine that I needed) I may have been burning My wick at both ends. I did have a fabulous and revitalising trip to Brisbane last month – didn’t make it to the party that I had hoped to attend, but nevertheless caught up with wonderful people and had a most excellent time. I’ve finally dared look at My inbox for more than 60 seconds…I might even start answering emails, don’t hold your breath.

Dear Melbourne, I know I said that I’d visit you in March but it’s looking a lot more like May. Perth, the same applies. I just need to take My time and rebuild My strength and getting back to the effervescent and sadistic Mistress that you all know Me to be! 😉

On to serious matters…My hard drive crashed in December, taking with it all of the photos that I have been editing for you. I would hate for that to happen again, so from now on you’ll be getting more photos, but they’ll likely be a bit rough & ready. I’m sure you’ll love Me anyway 🙂

Brace yourselves for some happy snaps upcoming, I look forward to seeing you soon.

xx Mistress Penelope

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