Back at My desk after an incredible (and as always far too FAST!) weekend in Melbourne and I feel comfortable in the knowledge that Spring has finally sprung and that the warmer weather is helping little ideas and desires that lay dormant over winter to germinate, wriggling their way to the surface. This year really has just flown past! I can barely believe that in a mere 6 weeks (to the day!) it will be My birthday! I’m hoping that My new boots from Fabulously Fetish will have arrived by then…mmmmm patent leather mmmmm

Melbourne was grand. I saw some new faces for sessions (and then promptly covered them in latex hoods), some familiar faces and even managed to catch up for coffee with some that couldn’t make a session (our schedules just didn’t align). A lovely trip to Eagle Leather saw a pair of leather leashes/reins enter My possession – they match some purchases from earlier in the year & I’m quite excited about putting them to good use!

Running around the city on Sunday like a headless avian saw Me miss a friend’s suspension at Hooked Up with the crew from Piercing HQ and dinner with the divine Mistress Alex Vicia :'( Where is a doppelganger when you need one?!

I did make it to My first event in Melbourne later in the evening – Kinky! It was wonderful and welcoming, quite a relaxed vibe to start the evening and then warmed up within an hour or two as ice was broken and acquaintances renewed. As I made My excuses to head to a session it was still quite early and the first scenes were well underway – piercing at a well-lit table on one side of the floor, discipline on the A-frame and a cigar-smoking circle on the balcony. It always warms My heart to see a room full of happy glowing kinksters sharing their space and their knowledge with each other, I look forward to getting back soon!

In other news, sessions that I have been enjoying and craving recently have also changed somewhat with the weather.

I have a CFNM session (Clothed Female, Naked Male) coming up that a few friends are joining Me for, and to tell the truth I am quite excited! I’ve had a few other session ideas based around this premise floating around in My head, so if you’re curious about the concept or interested in experiencing it, drop Me a line.

I am a HUGE foot & leg fetishist – stockings, high heels, boots, trampling, foot/leg worship, you name it & I (probably) love it. Sessions that I am craving include boot-blacking and worship, latex foot/leg worship (a massage from slippery gloved hands in latex stockings? Oh Please!), trampling, kicking & ball-busting.

Cuckolding as a session theme really fascinates Me. There’s something about sinking the knife of rejection/humiliation in, and then twisting it a little that is incredibly satisfying. Not all cuckolding involves the physical presence of the bull in the room, many scenes are based around the mind-fuck.

Toilet training
I love golden showers. Very few things in life are as satisfying as relaxing clenched muscles and releasing a bursting bladder, especially when it’s directly into the waiting mouth of an eager slave who does not dare waste one drop of such precious nectar. I’ve been working on My personal best time-wise, so far I’ve clocked 1m15s.
I also enjoy preparing slaves for full toilet training. A hard limit for many, full toilet training is by turns intimate, humiliating, degrading, honouring and a test of the mettle of your commitment.

I look forward to updating you on My adventures again shortly – keep well x Mistress Penelope


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