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Phone and web sessions are ideal for distance training.

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Have you got an itch you need to scratch? Are you too far away to see Me in person? Are you terrified of surrendering to My touch, fearing that desire will consume you?

Fear no more! Virtual sessions are here to slake your thirst and feed your need.

If planning is not your forte, you’re in the US or Europe, or you’d like the option of minute-by-minute at your leisure – join Me on a call at Niteflirt or on DirectCam with Adultwork.

Alternatively book your virtual session with Me below and have the choice of phone or webcam without having to log into anything more complex than Zoom.

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Protocol First

You have decided that longing is not enough and yielded to the temptation of being at My feet.


What next?


In-person sessions are available in Sydney between 10am and 10pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday weekly.
All sessions require a deposit to confirm your booking.

Booking Etiquette

I prefer to receive your initial enquiry by email or through My contact form.
This gives Me time to review and respond to your application with consideration. If you would like to submit to Me in person, take the time now to check My availability, and scheduled tour dates and events to ensure that our calendars align.

Miss Penelope Dreadful latex dominatrix fetish
Miss Penelope Dreadful latex dominatrix fetish

My Limits

When you are submitting to Me, I have a few very simple and straightforward rules that you will need to follow. These are My hard limits and you will need to respect them as you would like Me to respect yours.

Do not touch My body without My express direction or permission

Many people seem to believe that their touch is welcome, a compliment or permissible, even using the excuse “You’re so beautiful, I just couldn’t help myself.”

You do not have permission or consent to touch My body until I give it to you.

If you are terribly, terribly tempted (and I am sure that you will be), simply ask.
Failure to do this, and repeated infractions, will end your session prematurely and see you barred indefinitely.

Punctuality is the politeness of kings

On the day of your session aim to arrive at My door at the appointed time, not five minutes early or five minutes late. If you have arrived early and would like to know if I am amenable to you entering the space early, you may send a message and ask. The answer may not be yes. If you are running late, you should let Me know as soon as possible as I may need to make other arrangements.

I often spend the few minutes before our time together meditating so that I am entirely present with all facilities engaged.
On the rare occasions that I am running late, I practice what I preach and will inform you so that you are able to adjust your plans.

You are not entitled to My life oustide of session.

Do not ask Me what My “real name” is, or if I have a “real job”. Do not ask if we can have drinks or lunch or dinner as friends. Definitely do not ask Me to find you a dominant woman to date. If you see Me out in a non-kink setting, don’t decide to come up and say hello.

I may decide to share details of My life with chosen pets. It is entirely My choice and not your position to entreat.
If I do, feel privileged that you have been trusted.

You may have noticed that normative sexual activities are not listed on My site or among My interests. It is because they are not offered. Do not ask as refusal often offends.
I have awesome kinky peers that may offer services more suited to your interests.

Submit to Me


The tribute details listed are in AUD.
If you would like to see Me while I am travelling, contact Me for My rates in your country or check the details on My Tour Dates & Events page.

Your tribute is for My time and is not based on the content of your session.

As such, it does not include dungeon hire or room rental, nor does it include the special purchase of disposable supplies or equipment. For full details of extras that you might enjoy, check below or contact Me to find out.

Pure Perversion

$250   30 minute session
Verbal Humiliation, Ball busting or Discipline only

$400   1 hour session

$600   90 minutes session

$800   2 hours session

Love longer sessions?
$300/hr for additional session or social time


$600 2 hours Couples Sessions

Something Extra

$50-100   Specific supplies or disposable equipment

$150   Full toilet training

$POA   Cuckolding

$POA   Forced Bi

$POA   Multiple Mistresses / voyeurs

$50   Outcall driver fee
not applicable for disability clients

When you’re ready to arrange your session, plan to provide a minimum of twenty-four hours notice.

Once we have agreed upon a day and time, you will need to transfer a deposit of $100 to confirm your session. This is not negotiable.

I have listed below three secure and discreet payment methods. Where you have an opportunity to enter a payment reference, please use your phone number as the code

Please note that all web and phone sessions must be paid in full, in advance.

  • BPay 214932     Reference 1200002538747
  • Bank Transfer Name Penny Bonds Pty Limited     BSB 302 162     Account 1351785
  • BeemIt  Direct payment to @pennydreadful

Come here pet, resistance is futile

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