Sensory Deprivation

As I encase you in saran wrap, each layer tighter than the last, you are shrouded from the world. A hood completes the cocoon. You can hear your breathing and your heart beat, perhaps My footsteps, right on the edge of hearing. Your world condenses to the extent of your senses, pushing against the wrapping, exploring your new existence in the dark, warm embrace that you are held in.

Then the lacing starts, wrapping you yet even more firmly, holding you absolutely still and completely at My mercy. Your heart beats faster than settles down into a rhythm as you submit to your fate. My hands on your body, smoothing you down. The feel of cold steel against your skin once and again as I open up parts of your shroud, creating easy access to your most sensitive areas.

And then? Well, you have submitted to being an object at My pleasure, so I will be amusing Myself teasing and tormenting you to elicit the most delicious groans and moans – it is music to My ears to have you squirm so. Perhaps I’ll start with tactile touch, possibly a little electrical stimulation or some vibration…

Oh My, what is that? That’s for Me to know, and you to find out!

I don't demand your submission, I inspire it...

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