Religious Role Play

It feels so good to be so bad.

Dabbling in religious role play opens the gate for elements of ritual and structure, of guilt and absolution, of history and tradition to enter the scene.

Are you an acolyte waiting to be initiated into the secret mysteries? A penitent sinner begging absolution for your sins? Perhaps you are petitioning for an indulgence to be granted, as a safeguard for your soul against future sins. Do not fret child, I know the exact weight of your soul in the balance and the perfect penance to help make you pure and whole again.

It’s mankind’s due to be base, repulsive, lax and crude, given to indulging their selfish simple animal instincts with no care for consequence. Thankfully, it is My vocation to bring all of God’s children back to the fold, whether they like it or no. The rod will not be spared. Flagellation helps you focus. Kneeling on a tray of barley, you will compose prayers that please Me, else find out other ways that I take My pleasure from you.

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