Latex Fetish

You’ve got scent of rubber in your nostrils, mixed with perfume, sweat, polish and that indelible, intoxicating  personal scent of Mistress. You’re on your knees in front of this Goddess, the latex clinging like a second skin to Her body has your mind in meltdown. I’m laughing, smiling, telling you to polish My ass – but how? You’re hands are secured fast behind your back. Watching you baffled and squirming is a pleasure, but I have other things in mind as I fasten the leash to your collar. “You must be in need of direction! Learn to think laterally,” as I cover your face in polish and pull your face up onto My body.

“Like this, I want you to polish it like this.” That’s better. You seem to be getting the hang of it, and the jangling of the bells that I’ve tied on your cock and balls is telling Me that the heat of My body on your face is tormenting you in oh so many ways.

Latex is a decadent treat for the senses – whether I am wearing it or you are encased in it. Black, coloured, buckled, zippered and laced, everything from the scent to the form simply oozes sex.

I love introducing pets subs and slaves to the deliciousness of latex – but it’s even more fun to play with those who are also passionate perverts and avid collectors. Many a happy hour has been spent polishing each other’s limbs to perfection, and a full body latex massage is truly mind blowing.

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