Financial Domination

Misunderstood, misrepresented and righteously lambasted online by Dominants and submissives alike, financial domination occupies a very sensitive sphere in modern kink.

A good many kinksters refuse to recognise its legitimacy as a fetish – a bit silly really given that money does induce a near-sensual desire in some people & it is easy to see how the gain or loss of money, like power, can be eroticised by both D & s.

Financial domination recognises and celebrates the power exchange symbolised through the ritual exchange of funds, either willingly gifted as a tribute or tithe, or forcibly extracted by means such as blackmail.

Not all financial domination is about “wallet rape”. Are you feeling guilty about benefiting from a social system grounded on the creation of second-class citizens and the othering of women and minorities? I might insist that you donate 10% of your income to Amnesty International or a refuge organisation. Are you guilty of leering at women or telling them to “smile” for your own pleasure? I might decide that a wanker tax is a necessary part of your behavioural modification.

If you feel too timid or weak to commit longer term training, lest you lose yourself to the void, you can still Worship Me.

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