Anal Play

Are you curious about anal play, or an adventurer well-acquainted with the pleasures of prostate stimulation?

Do you need to be seduced, to feel My finger teasing you, exciting you and opening you up for Me to fill and exploit? Would you look into My eyes while I penetrate you? Or would a strange combination of intimacy and shame burn you up, the blush rising from your chest to the very roots of your hair while you bit your lip and surrendered to the pleasure?

Or are you craving My cock? Do you want to feel My thighs pressed against yours, My hands on your hips, your shoulders, your back? Pulling you back up against Me while I whisper in your ear and make you watch in the mirror. Or perhaps strapped into the sling, helpless to protest while I rock you back and forth on My cock, filling you and building you up until you can’t help but cum across your stomach and chest? Maybe I’ll invite a friend around and we will amuse ourselves, taking turns to fill your holes until you are left a panting wanton slut.

Perhaps you prefer the fulsome intensity of  My hand inside your body, that slow sensuous build up and then as your muscles relax and pull My hand into you, that incredible moment when you can feel My fingers writing My name inside of you. The pounding of your heart and pulsing of your prostate as I use My entire hand to tickle and massage you in the most intimate embrace.

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