Tour Diary: 19-22 April Melbourne

8 Apr 2019 | Tour Dates

MELBOURNE! There is much to be said for delayed gratification, but it won’t be said by Me. You are now at the top of My things to do list and I am here for a good time, not a long time. Make the most of our time together and get organised as I will not have short-notice sessions available.
Current Availability:
  • Friday 19 April 10pm
  • Saturday 20 April 3pm to 7pm
  • Sunday 21 April between 12 noon and 10pm I plan on going to an onsen with girlfriends on this day as well so will only be taking two sessions MAX.
I am particularly in the mood for leather and latex fetish sessions; immersive bondage/sensory deprivation; toilet training; degradation/humiliation; and boot worship .
Don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to submit. Direct your emails to or SMS 0406 828 399
I will be attending Provocation on Friday eve, and Playroom on Saturday eve.
If you would like the opportunity to serve Me, you are able to apply to chauffeur on Saturday and Sunday as I have personal appointments in addition to My social commitments and sessions. There may also be the opportunity to volunteer as a slave for a photo shoot. The times for this are to be confirmed.

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