Sydney Domina Parties – 23 March

6 Mar 2019 | News

Obey! Dominas’ Choice 11.30am-2.30pm ~ Book your tickets

Obey! is our flagship FemDom event. What they say, goes! Volunteer, or be conscripted!

“Wait, what? What happens if I don’t want to do what they want to do?”

Never fear little precious pumpkin. At the start of the event we hold introductions so that everyone has the opportunity to express what they are looking forward to experiencing and what their boundaries are. We invite you to communicate clearly throughout the event. We will always respect your limits, and we invite you to try things that you never considered in a supportive environment.

*NEW* Slave Manor 4pm-7pm ~ Book your tickets

Slave Manor is a new event, from the perverse mind responsible for bringing you this website. It is a Master/slave, total power exchange focused event.

You will strip yourself of wordly goods and divest yourself of your ego. In exchange for your commitment to do only and exactly what we tell you to do, you will receive a numbered collar (bowtie…I like My bitches fancy). From this moment onwards your only concern is to fulfil your orders to out utmost satisfaction.

For the thirsty sluts and insatiable perverts among you, the opportunity is available to purchase tickets to both parties for a reduced rate. Email for the discount code.


Domina Parties are something in between an all-out play party, and a one-on-one session with a professional Dominatrix. They are intimate with strictly limited numbers so that you have the opportunity to indulge and also the chance to see how others experience their kinks. The Dominas that host the party are professional and lifestyle Dominant Women.

These parties are not just for men. We welcome Couples, Women, Gender Queer, ENBY, Trans and Fluid Identity humans of all orientations and identities.

If you are not sure if you are ready to play, you are able to book a ticket as a voyeur or a service submissive. The events run for three hours and refreshments are provided, after all moaning is thirsty work! There is no alcohol and no photography permitted at the events.

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