New Year, New You? New Focus, New Fun.

20 Jan 2019 | News

I’ve spent the last month arranging all of the Domina Parties for Sydney and QLD for the year. My Pet has spent the last month entering all of the events for the year into My calendar so that I can arrange My tour dates. I have some incredible projects in the works that I am looking forward to spending more energy on this year so I am doing a “Marie Kondo” with My time and dedicating it to people and things that spark joy in My life.
  • Organising events – The Sydney FemDoms munch, The Drum, and Domina Parties all fulfil different needs for Me – community, skill sharing, and precious time with My peers creating delicious deviancy. Being independent can be isolating. These events ground Me and remind Me how much I love what I do.
  • Touring – I love the subtleties of change within kink, language, and the larger scene that I have found when travelling – plus I get to meet incredible people!
  • Training – Organising The Drum for the last year has reminded Me how much I love getting super nerdy about sex and kink and pleasure. I am looking forward to presenting workshops this year and also training individuals and couples one-on-one – whether they are apprentice Dominas, submissives, switches, or people that just want to bring more fun into their lives.
  • Sessions – Sharing time with respectful humans that bring their joy and their vulnerability to the room is one of the greatest ongoing pleasures in My professional vocation. I am endlessly grateful to those that share themselves with Me, and especially those that have done for years. It is a pleasure to watch you grow.
  • Creating – Taking the month to organise and reflect has restored My imagination significantly (not that it has ever been lacking). I am looking in to making videos and other visual media to capture some of My own personal fantasies and other fabulous perversion to share with you all.
This year is going to be amazing, and I couldn’t manage it all without your support. Thank you, and stick around for what will surely be a very exciting ride.
xx Miss Penelope Dreadful

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