Tour Diary: Oz Kink Fest Melbourne 14-25 September

18 Sep 2018 | Tour Dates

I’m in Melbourne with a crew of super mega babes and golly have I got an offer for you!
Doubles sessions are available with Aeryn Walker – Naughty Nerdy and Sai Jaiden Lillith to explore your deepest, darkest, most taboo fantasies.
Special preference given to:
  • Double Dom/me sessions (Mistress/Mistress or Mistress/Master)
  • Cuckold and lesbian cuckold sessions
  • Mistress/Switch and Mistress/Sub sessions
  • Forced Bi Sessions
I’m also in the mood for boot worship, leather fetish, electro and impact play sessions.
Availability is limited, so make sure that you don’t miss out on this wonderful chance to submit to us, singularly and together.
Direct your emails to or SMS 0406 828 399

I don't demand your submission, I inspire it...

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