The Facility, London ~ Tuesday 12 June 2018 Domina Party Detention Centre

5 Jun 2018 | News, Tour Dates

Join Goddess Cleo, Myself and other beautiful, stern Duty Wardens at Facility on Tuesday 12 June 2018.

Facility is a FemDom Detention Centre for the irrevocably deviant.

This event is primarily based around imprisonmentincarcerationisolationconfinementdetentionrestraintand complete lockdown.  There may, however, be multiple variations on each activity in order to achieve the desired experience, including but not limited to bondagecagingsaran wrap/cling filmcuffschaincollar/leash, predicament bondage, straight jacketshibari, etc, as well as other forms of torture, if the Duty Wardens so desire. Find out more here…

To be completely captivated by the beautiful Duty Wardens, sign up HERE or email

How much can you take, and how long can you handle it?


£60 per hour – minimum of 2 hours
£200 – half day (4 hours)
£350 – full day (8 hours)

OPTIONS:  Kidnap/captive scenario available – if you wish to incorporate a kidnapping and/or captive/prisoner scenario, please email us with your enquiry.  We also have ‘day release’ options.

Come here pet, resistance is futile

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