Season’s Beatings 2017 ~ December Availability

29 Nov 2017 | News

Want to know how fast the year has passed?
There are just 14 session days left in 2017. Serious stuff, right?!

I will be back in Sydney all the way through December and into the New Year, so this is the perfect time to make-up for missing Me while I’ve been overseas. Plus I’ve already worked out the next six months of tours, so if you’re in a different city and have been longing for My touch, never fear. Your turn will come soon enough…though you’re always welcome to come to Me for a change of scenery.

I’m available for sessions in Sydney Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. All sessions require a deposit to confirm.
I will be available on Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

Season’s Beatings Specials

Dick in a Box-ing Day

Curious about assgasms? Have a hankering to slut it up? Crave that feeling of fullness? Suitable for anal play virgins and experienced size-queens alike, this strap-on and anal play special will see your stocking well and truly stuffed!
Enjoy 2 hours of strap-on play and slut training for $500.

Cruel Yule

Let the festive spirit suffuse you from top to rosy-red bottom by submitting to My tender ministrations. Just kidding, I’m a sadist and I love it. Let Me introduce you to how good you can feel with the endorphins running through you like electricity. Be warned, it’s addictive.
1 hour of discipline $250

Deck the Balls

I can’t resist a good pun…I also can’t resist a bad pun…I love puns. I also love CBT and ball-busting. I like making you squirm and gasp. I like tormenting you to see how much you will take for Me. I love kicking you in the balls so hard that your body rebels and you spontaneously vomit. Go on, amuse Me and test your limits.
1 hour of CBT & ball-busting $250

Season’s Beatings specials are available all throughout December 2017. They are exactly as described, no mix-ups, swapsies or “just” anythings.

Come here pet, resistance is futile

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