London DVS Kink Lab Sunday 12 Nov 2017

1 Nov 2017 | News, Tour Dates

Next Sunday 12 November, I will be teaching two classes at the DVS Kink Lab, held at The Flying Dutchman in Camberwell, London.

There will be a range of workshops held, suitable for newcomers and augmenting intermediate skill sets. I am truly excited to be one of the presenters at this event and thrilled to have the opportunity to present some of the topics that I am super passionate about.

Find out more about the workshops here ~ Find the event on Fetlife ~ Buy your tickets here

Spanking – Pleasure, Punishment or FUNishment?

Does the thought of being spanked turn you on, or leave you cold? Spanking isn’t simply just a bit of slap and tickle – it is a portal to all of the fabulous fun that a pair of hands and (willing) body can create, to an infinite variety of impact play, to the versatility of sensation as a spectrum incorporating both pleasure and pain PLUS it combines well alongside discipline and power exchange.

This workshop will have a focus on the does and don’t of spanking, how to find that feeling that you’ve been chasing, and the place of rhythm in percussion. This is an interactive workshop, incorporating demonstration of techniques, and will provide you with skills that you can start working with immediately, no equipment required! Suitable for all players.

Miss Penelope Dreadful has been a professional Dominatrix for over a decade and enjoys using rhythmic, percussive impact play both as a means to an end and as its own indulgence.

Needle Play – Drive your point home!

The delicious drawn-out tension that a sliver of cold steel can bring to your scene is not to be under-estimated.

In this one hour workshop, let Me step you through the foundation of hygiene protocol when breaching the skin barrier, ensuring a safe environment for all players and the space you are playing within. I will illustrate the different applications of sharps play in your scenes, starting with methods of safe needle insertion and building through different ways of including sharps in other areas of your play. We will discuss trouble-shooting, marks, pre- and post-scene safety including safe disposal of used sharps. This workshop is suitable for beginners and up. There will be time for questions and there will be live demonstrations throughout the workshop.

Learn the hygiene protocols to make your piercing play safe for top, bottom and your environment; and how to apply these techniques to enhance other areas of your play, including predicament scenarios, meditative and cathartic scenes, and simple sadism.

Miss Penelope Dreadful has studied professional body piercing and combines a passion for hygiene with an enthusiasm for deliciously dark fun.

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