Butterflied balls

24 Jul 2017 | Erotica

This will hurt. It’s a different kind of pain, it layers and builds up in a way that is unlike impact-based cbt, and more like using the sustain pedal while playing piano. The endorphins are fucking unbelievable.

Do you trust Me?

Safety first. It’s important that you can’t wriggle, flail or move your hands so I bind your wrists with just enough rope between so that they hang by your sides. It seems counter-productive, but when I push you back on to the table they’re caught firmly & held by your weight. The next line of rope circles and cinches your legs just above the knee, pinning your legs to the table. The final sash goes around the top of your chest, rendering you immobile and at My mercy.

You’re so beautiful.

You’re not just scared, you’re terrified. Your breathing is shallow and rapid, your heartbeat dancing under My palm. Your skin is flushed but clammy to My touch and your eyes dart between My face and hands as I finish prepping. I look into your eyes.

Do you trust Me?
A nod is not an answer, I want to hear it in your voice.
Now breathe with me…

I can feel you start to settle and drift, resonance ringing like a bell.

Let’s begin.

I draw your cock & balls through the butterfly board and give them a thorough swab down, smiling as your cock twitches in excited anxiety. I swap out My gloves and bring the tray closer. I can almost taste the shift in your breathing as the sharp edge of fear twists you.
My eyes don’t leave your face as I spread & place your scrotum on the board, ready for the first needle.

Do you trust me? Breathe with Me.

As we breathe out together the first needle slides through your skin, pinning one point of your scrotum to the board. There’s already another needle in my hand. Eyes still locked, just keep breathing with Me. At the fifth needle, I can feel the buzz taking over you. You’re flying and each needle that spreads and secures your scrotum – holding it stretched & exposing your balls – is barely registering as more than a scratch.

I’m glowing on contact high and take a minute to ride that with you.

You’re so gorgeous.
This will hurt, are you ready?
Do you trust Me?

The next run of sharps are separating and delineating your balls. I tune back in to you and pick the right breath. We slowly release it, the needle presses through the flesh and your eyes flash as a moan escapes you. I keep going, I’m not letting you drop just yet. Soon your balls are trapped in individual cages of steel, in a scrotum pinned like a butterfly to this board.

You’re still struggling to process the intensity of the sensations. I caress your face, wrap My other hand around your throat, the jumping of your pulse against My thumb.

Do you trust Me?

Will you stop struggling with it and just give it all to Me?
With each breath just melt a little more, hand a bit more over to Me.
It’s okay,  I’ll protect you. I’ve got you safe.

Trust Me.

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