Update and My recent absence

16 Mar 2017 | News

I have been absent from all sorts of things recently. It’s alright, I am alive. I haven’t abandoned you. I have merely been moving house (which can fuck right off forever) and in the process have injured Myself. And because I don’t do things by halves, I’ve actually done quite a good job of the damage.

I have compressed three ribs on My right hand side, two ribs on My left hand side and rotated two vertebra. The affected muscles of this injury have clamped both ulna nerves to differing degrees, as well as the sciatic nerve on the right. This translates to neural referral in My left forearm, and on My right side from the tips of My fingers down to behind My knee. If you’ve had nerve pain before, you know how this feels. If you haven’t, it’s like a migraine inside your body (particularly joints) that doesn’t go away or move. I definitely do not recommend the experience.

What this means for Me
Beyond the non-stop pain, My long muscles and fine motor coordination exhausts quickly. I am seeing My physio two to three times a week to get My ribs in place and keep them there, and My massage therapist once a week instead of once a fortnight to manage the nerve pain. Rehab is expected to be four weeks, if I keep everything where it should be.
I can’t wear high heels or corsets, and I can only wear small latex pieces as I do not have the mobility to fight My way into leggings or a catsuit, e.g. leotard, vest or bra/skirt is fine, full body coverage will not be happening.

What this means for you
I will only be available on My nominated days – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays. There are only two sessions available on the nominated days. I will not be taking sessions that are longer than 90 minutes, because I simply won’t be able to do them.
I am available for double sessions and am always happy to refer you to My amazing colleagues that I think you will have an incredible experience with.

I will still be touring Perth next week Friday 24 March to Monday 27 March. I will only have two sessions available each day. I will be getting in touch with you shortly regarding rescheduling where necessary and what availability remains.

What can I do Mistress?
You can continue to be patient with My delayed responses on emails. I can manage about 2 hours of keyboard a day before My wrist packs it in and I really am trying to respond to everyone. Forwarding pictures and videos of adorable animals being cute will always be appreciated.
Coles or Woolworths vouchers are amazing because I use them to get groceries delivered – meaning I don’t have to carry heavy things or do stairs.

Thank you for your patience and support.

xx Miss Penelope Dreadful

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