2017 Tour Dates…so far

8 Jan 2017 | News, Tour Dates

Time is a slippery thing – every time I reach to grasp it, I could swear it slips through My fingers as easily as a bottle of silicone lube when your hands are already covered in it. You know what I mean. I have finally managed to nail it down though, and I’m giving you the first six months of My tour diary so that you’ve got plenty of time to get organised. No excuses for missing out.

  • 3-6 February Brisbane, QLD
  • TBA February Melbourne, VIC
  • 26 -28 February Adelaide, SA
  • 24-27 March Perth, WA
  • 15-18 April Brisbane, QLD
  • 5-8 May Melbourne, VIC
  • 16-23 May Los Angeles, California
  • 24-29 May Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • 31 May – 4 June Los Angeles California
  • 22-24 June Adelaide
  • 25-27 June Perth
  • More dates coming soon, including: Brisbane, United Kingdom, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra

How to confirm your booking

I don’t need to remind you that My diary fills up fast. By this stage, it’s a given.
The only way to secure your booking is to email Me to discuss details, confirm date/time, and pay your deposit.
Failure to do this before I have left Sydney often means that 1) If you want special things, I probably haven’t packed them, 2) someone else has already taken the spot that you wanted, 3) there aren’t any spots left available, you miss out and face waiting a few months for Me to be back, or you have to travel to Sydney to see Me.

I look forward to spanking you soon!

xx Miss Penelope Dreadful

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