Client, Friend, Personal Slave – It’s not a spectrum, it’s a Venn diagram

15 Nov 2016 | News


I have many wonderful people in My life that I have met as clients. I consider them My friends. Some have even been able to serve Me personally, deepening our D/s relationship by looking after My needs in ways that work for both of us. I have friends that have also seen Me as clients. I have friends that have served Me personally.

Here’s the thing…

You can be My client and enjoy the ways in which I can help you explore new realms of kink, sharing mutual enjoyment in this exploration. You will learn the way My eyes light up as I decide on the next move with the violet wand, the way the tip of My tongue sticks out when I’ve thought of something really fabulous to do to you, My satisfied chuckle when you’re moaning and squirming under My control.

You can be a friend with trust earned over time, mutual connection and respect. You will learn how much My work costs Me in a physical sense – the physiotherapy, the physical exhaustion, the mental recharge required to hold space for people that are trusting Me with their vulnerability. You’ll see how much I love being able to help others and facilitate the growth of people around Me, people I care about. You’ll know the weight experienced behind the scenes and the toll this life can take of relationships, friendships and family.

You can be My personal submissive, when you shelve all expectation of receiving pleasure beyond that of serving. When you take joy in being able to pour a little energy back My way. When you see what I need or want on a regular basis and make sure that it’s there for Me so that I don’t have to worry about it. I’m not talking about fancy latex or custom leather, though I treasure these gifts immensely, thank you My gorgeous pets! It is as simple as one of My beautiful creatures sending Me a spring-loaded hand strengthener following an accident a few years ago to help Me rebuild the fine muscles in My arm, wrist and hand.

It is possible to be some or all of these people at the same time. The realms of client, friend, and personal submissive overlap in many and complex ways.


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