Testimonial – October 2016

31 Oct 2016 | News, Testimonial

I recently had the pleasure of a personal session with a pet that has been attending the Domina Parties this year. He has absolutely blossomed, every time I see him at a munch, a peer event or even helping welcome people to online groups he is generosity personified. He has actually become quite a favourite to play with because he is so giving with his energy both in scenes and socially, though I’m always happy to share such a treasure with My fellow Mistresses.

Here are some delightful words from him about his experiences.

First off, I wanted to thank you for your time in our private session. I have been playing over the events in my head for the last week. I have seen many saran wrap scenes in the past, though I had never personally experienced it and I throughly enjoyed it. You made me feel safe even though I was completely immobilised, vulnerable and at your whim. 

Prior to this session, I think, I would have called tickling a hard limit. You successfully showed me that it is not a limit for me at all, though still very toturous. I have been learning more about myself with each party and our private session and I am very grateful for that.

All I have to do now, is close my eyes to see you towering above me with your glowing infectious grin and that golden shower warm sensation all over. It was one of the most erotic things I have experienced. I shall remember that for a long time.

My experience with Domina Parties to date has been nothing short of amazing…
[This pet was kind enough to write of their experiences at the Domina Parties CFNM Afternoon Tea Party – check it out here]



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