Reflections on an Adelaide Balcony

2 Aug 2016 | News

As I stood on an Adelaide balcony – barefoot, leaning on the railing and smoking a cigarette as a naked man rubbed My feet with his face pressed against My arse intoxicated with aroma while he waited to be used as a toilet – I got to thinking what I would like to have told a younger version of Myself. What wisdom, witticism or vox-pop would I have offered up?

Would it be something trite, tried and true? I can’t imagine a younger Me having much faith in something trotted out so many times that the relevance had been lost long ago (probably behind the couch cushions with the remote, pocket change & spare batteries).

My body grumbled, announced its intentions and the session continued.

Now I’m strolling back to My hotel through the light rain after an afternoon of self-care at a day spa. My hair has an agenda of its own, dancing in the wind like seaweed in the tide.
I’m thinking about thinking, pondering yesterday’s question.

So many of the things that I enjoy now were once beyond the realm of what I imagined My life would look like. I have met incredible, generous, supportive and imaginative people around Australia and the world. I get to feed My interests, finding new ways to use old skills and acquiring new skills to enrich old structures.

I think I’d like to promise Myself that there will always be more.
More that scares and disgusts you. More that excites and seduces you. More people to meet, more places to travel, more skills to learn. More tears and loss and definitely more struggle. Your life will be full of new experiences.
This is absolutely the most exciting time to be alive. Breathe in.

What would you have told a younger you, with all that you now know?

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