Cheeky BTS pic from a recent shoot. Check that handsome puppy!

You haven’t heard from Me in a while. It’s not you, it’s Me.

And for very good reasons might I add.I have been in the midst of My yearly insanity called “organise 100-150 people in a Mardi Gras float and costume them”. Thankfully this year the costume side of things was SUPER easy, downside was that instead of the usual crew of 5-6 on the organising team there were but two of us. We totally rocked it. My home is still covered in gold paint and glitter, I am pretty sure that I will find some on My latex at some point.

I am now returning from My fabulous annual diversion with renewed energy and a real hunger to get back up to My elbows in My favourite perversions! Form an orderly queue.

My availability is back to being typically 10am-10pm daily, sessions still require a deposit and at least a day’s notice.
I am not available over the Easter weekend.

I will be attending Mistress Anna’s Rope Jam weekly on Tuesday evenings.

I have also been rebuilding a new site for the second time after a hiccup on the database at the end of January crashed ten months worth of work. Reminding Me once again why back-ups are always held on multiple devices. I have managed to build 90% of the site in six weeks between costumes, photoshoots, choreography and some sneaky sessions so am feeling very full of Myself. *preening*

It is going to be super awesome and easily accessible on tablets and mobile devices. Exciting times.

I am a Special Guest Domme attending DomCon in LA this May. While I’m in the US I will be rocking out at Fetish Factory, the following week in Florida. If you’ve been perving out My site and twiddling your thumbs since missing Me last year, now is the time to arrange to see Me while I’m in your country.

Spank you all soon,

Mistress Penelope

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