Movie Review: The Danish Girl

On Tuesday 19th January, I joined the Sydney Dommes and subs at the Moonlight Cinema for a screening of The Danish Girl. It was a lovely Sydney summer evening, and our little group of queer kinksters were the perfect company to indulge with.

I had seen the trailer in late December and become instantly enamoured – The colours! The costumes! The sets! The rich subject matter and complex interpersonal relationships! I could not wait.

Having now seen it, I am not disappointed in the slightest.

The capture for Me was the support, delicacy and tenderness of the relationship between Gerda and Lili/Einar. The movie did not show cross-dressing or transitioning as disgusting or horrifying, but as sensual and personal. The transition of identity and relationship was difficult, confusing, complex and joyful. The validation and treatment of the medical professionals was horrific, heart-wrenching and ultimately compassionate.

It was a movie that engaged Me – I celebrated their joy and shed tears at their loss. The characters were well-developed and poignant, I found that I wanted them to succeed, that I was invested in their struggles.

The outdoor viewing did mean that some of the audio and detail was lost, so I am looking forward to picking it up once it is released for home viewing.

If you get the chance to see The Danish Girl in cinema, I think that it would be well worth the time and trouble (perhaps a smaller cinema, like the Dendy for that intimate feeling).

In summary, The Danish Girl was a tender and captivating film exploring transitioning relationships, gender and orientation.
More coming-of-identity than coming-of-age, it bears many hallmarks of the latter.


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