Wow! The last few months have been solid, maniacal, and fun from go to whoa but completely exhausting.
In fact, I need a holiday from My holiday. I am taking a fortnight for some well-earned rest and recuperation, along with some quality family time.

There is no phone service here, so don’t bother calling or messaging as I will not receive until I return to Sydney. I am attending to My emails and responding to social media once a day. If you need to get in touch or would like to arrange a session or petition Me to visit your city before the end of the year, this is the best way to contact Me.

A friendly reminder, I do not answer messages on Facebook. Even if you see Me being active there and think that you might just sing out to remind Me to answer your email…don’t. Your email has been received, it is in a long line of correspondence to respond to, and if you hassle Me I will simply put it at the bottom again.

Sydney – I will be back in you soon! I have missed you. Your delicious food. Your coffee. Your cocktails. The rest of My shoe collection. There will be frolicking, oh yes, such frolicking. Maybe even frotting…I have missed My leathers and furs and latexy bits mmmmmm oh yes the shiny!!!

If you would like to see Me socially, it is best to attend an event that I am already going to than trying to meet Me for coffee. I will be attending the Sydney Dommes & subs Munch on Monday eve 9th November. Find the details on Fetlife or facebook.

I will be available for sessions from 11 November onwards. My diary is already filling itself up, so don’t wait until the last minute to try and arrange a booking unless you really enjoy disappointment.

I look forward to playing with some of My favourite perverts soon. Enjoy the wonderful spring weather.

xx Mistress Penelope

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