New York  15-20 September 2015

San Francisco 24-29 September 2015

Los Angeles 1-15 October 2015

Are you excited? What a trip! I’ve been excited, exhausted, confused and confuzzled. I wonder if I can put My timezone orientation down as queer and our relationship status as fluctuating/evolving? [Fetlife joke]

I have one week left in New York. I was hoping to make it to Chicago but there is just so damned much to do here that I will simply have to do Chicago next year – and possibly San Diego and definitely one of the Domme Cons too! Gosh golly!

I met the incredible Michelle Lacy and Natalya Sadici last weekend at Parthenon (then almost embarrassed Myself by going total fangirl) and was introduced to the masochist with the most Slave Fluffy.

We’re actually going to be in San Fransisco for Folsom St Fair at the same time so be prepared for a ridiculous amount of photos on Twitter (regardless, be prepared for a ridiculous amount of photos on Twitter, I am pretty damn excited). Keep an eye out for Fluffy as he (and various parts of his anatomy) feature in clips with an all-star line-up of world class Dominas. I am sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future!

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