April is a crazy crazy month! I’ve got weddings, friend’s parties, birthdays, comedy festivals…it’s all happening.

So without further ado, here are My available dates for the remainder of this month.

Sunday 12th * Tuesday 14th * Wednesday 15th * Thursday 16th * Friday 17th
Sunday 19th * Tuesday 21st * Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th

In other news, this week I’ve managed to land Myself a trans-seasonal cough. Thankfully the worst is over and I should be back to bright and sparkling shortly. Mostly.

You see, I’ve also thrown a rib and several vertebrae out of alignment during the lead up to Mardi Gras and they control the bundle of nerves responsible for all sensation and movement on the right side of My body. There is no damage yet, but in order to not jeopardise the amazing work My physio is doing in keeping My bones where they ought to be, I can’t exert any uneven stress on My upper body. This means that until the end of May there are going to be some things that I just won’t be able to indulge in, including:

  • Heavy or immobilising bondage – mummification, suspension/partial, or full hog-tie
  • Wrestling
  • Corsetry (on Me)
  • Extended periods in high heels (Me), anything more than 3″ for more than an hour = bad
  • …I’m not even allowed to go swimming until I get the all-clear!

Everything else has the stamp of approval, including:

  • Electro and Medical Play (I got some fabulous new electrical gear in Melbourne!)
  • Role Play
  • Foot worship / trampling / ball busting
  • Strap-on and anal play
  • Discipline
  • All of the watersports EVER! Can you guess that I’ve had a thing for pissing on people lately?

I hope that you’ve all had a beautiful non-denominational long weekend, and I look forward to spanking you soon.

x Mistress Penelope

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