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She stands close again, now doesn’t that feel better She purrs, running Her hand across my exposed belly.
I can’t help but shiver under Her caress and She laughs again, a low throaty chuckle that stirs something deep in my soul and something a little more basic. My cheeks are on fire anew as my body reacts of its own accord to Her proximity.

Oh god.

Yes? She quips, smirking and stepping away from me.

That’s looking good, are you feeling drained?

Yes Mistress and my voice cracks.

Oh My poor pet, are you thirsty? A little parched perhaps?

And suddenly I always had been, cracked lips, scratched throat and no memory of the last time that I had had a glass of water.

She tilts the bench again, slowly this time, keeping Her face inches from my own. Open and my mouth couldn’t disobey that voice, my jaw automatically opens wide, my eyes fixed on Her lips.

Tongue out

I hestitate.

The slap is instantaneous and my ears are ringing, my eyes are watering, my bottom lip is trembling as I fight to keep my mouth open, my eyes locked on Hers.

You will never hesitate again, understand? The luxury of choice is not yours to enjoy. You take what you are given and you take it gladly or I will find new and unusual ways to amuse Myself, and Mine is an imagination that needs no encouragement.

Yes Mistress.


Yes Mistress.


Now, let’s play a game.

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