Let’s play a game, She says.

I’m strapped to a table, my head held rigid so I can only follow Her with my eyes. My jaws ache and my probing tongue tells me a solid tube is what is holding it open.

She steps behind me and i can only hear Her footsteps, Her perfume filling My nostrils as She steps in to tighten my bindings.

She steps in front of me, the sight of Her filling my world from edge to edge. She runs Her cold fingers across my chest ad smiles at my flinch.

Are you thirsty?

I stare at Her, Her smile widening at my silence. A gloved finger tucks itself inside my mouth and tickles my tongue. You’re very dry. She leans over me, my face in a firm grip and spits in my mouth. A long string of saliva swings down, landing with a pat on my tongue.

Yes, let’s play a game. We’re going to play Golden Centurion. I’m going to give you a shot every minute. One shot every minute for 100 minutes. Not alcohol though, it will be water, mostly water.

Her teeth gleam when She smiles and when She stands this close i can smell Her lipstick.

Before we start, I’d better empty you thoroughly. Drain you dry.

The table flips backwards and i panic, but it stops when it’s level, seesawing slightly.

Her hands palpate my abdomen and I groan with urgency, god i need to piss. She fusses near a bench and i hear paper tearing. She’s spreading something cold on the head of my cock. She turns back again and i can feel pressure, something sliding inside me. i¬†crane my neck and try to wriggle but the bonds hold fast.

Stop that.

I stop writhing but the sensation doesn’t stop. There’s a moment of intensity that has me swooning and then no more movement. A little pressure – not painful, but uncomfortable like when there’s something between your teeth.

She touches something and it is the most peculiar feeling – i feel like i’m pissing myself, and the hot heavy shame is rising up turning my chest and face bright red.
The table is swung so i am upright again and the trickling feeling continues. There’s a warmth on the inside of my thigh.

She laughs at my discomfort and the blush intensifies. i struggle again, trying to turn my head to see what’s happening but it’s no use.

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