What can I say? The CFNM and Forced Bi Tea Party that I held with Mistress Anna a few weekends ago was an outstanding success. Over the course of the afternoon We were joined by eight enthusiastic Mistresses, Dominas, Ladies and Goddesses, and over a dozen beautiful playthings to amuse ourselves with!

There were parlour games including Little Weenie races, Double-Ended Dildo tug-o-war, and lots of Pull the Nipple on the Subbie. Serving slaves were dressed most becomingly in Mistress Anna’s wonderful array of frilly skirts and aprons as they served the Ladies with tea, champagne and titbits, and provided most excellent foot and shoulder massages to weary muscles.

Our wonderful playthings were very enthusiastic in keeping Us entertained throughout the day. Everywhere I looked there was spanking, flogging, cocks and balls being teased and tortured. There were some excellent cock-sucking displays with intuitive use of humming, hands and and lips. I almost felt like perhaps the boys had been practicing their technique so as not to disappoint and I have to admit I was quite impressed.

The afternoon ended with everyone outside for Foot Pies – much like an Eton Mess without the meringue and served on the top of beautiful feet to be licked off by dedicated boys. Such a delight!

It was one lucky boy’s birthday the week after the tea party and he was treated to a surprise golden shower in the backyard in front of all the attendees – proclaiming it his “Best Birthday EVER!”.

One boy had been rather remiss in his manners leading up to the afternoon and gave sass to Mistress. As you know, I handle sass just fine, and after a good spanking he was made into a candle-holder with everyone giggling as the hot wax dripped onto his testicles below! What an absolute lark!

He learned the error of his ways (We hope!) and composed the following short story of his afternoon at the mercy of the Mistresses.


I arrived at Mistress Anna’s place to see another guy already waiting for the door to be answered. It was answered by Katrina, a cross dressed guy in a maid’s outfit who had been asked to show us where to put all of our clothes.

When we walk naked into the room, we are told by Mistress Penelope to kneel of the floor with our face down close to the floor and then were asked to greet all the Mistresses by giving our name and to say we were pleased to meet her and kiss her right shoe and her left shoe.

We were then given a shoe lace each and told by Mistress Penelope that when she said go, it was a race to cock tie ourselves. I won easily; as I have often cock tied myself!  However, removing the cock tie from the other guy only using my mouth was more challenging! Miss Penelope did not think I did a good job so I got a spanking, followed by a lit candle being inserted into my anus!

It was the most sensual and sexy afternoon I have had in my life, even, though I was not erect and came nowhere near reaching an orgasm. I did suck another’s guy’s cock till he became so aroused he could not resist bringing himself to orgasm!

Your kinkiness is only limited by your imagination and Mistress Penelope and Mistress Anna and their friends are extremely imaginative in their kinkiness!

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