I love Perth. I love all of the cities that I visit, really I do,and Perth is a wonderful city that feels like a country town that outgrew itself. The people are friendly, the shops close peculiarly early, and I feel like the Target hosiery is stocked by a fetishist. Seriously – some amazing stockings not seen in any other city.

I flew on over early Thursday morning and felt entirely justified in bringing the delicious vintage black shaved beaver fur coat. I do not condone killing animals for decoration, but the jacket is much older than I am and I would rather preserve and enjoy it than destroy it, wouldn’t you?

Despite the drizzly weather, I had a wonderful time indoors. There was spanking and strap-on, an honest-to-goodness wrestle-down role play (I got to dress up as Cassie Hack! Worked just perfectly with the new hair) and some really fun and fabulous cock and ball torture. I can get very excited in My sessions, and a little bit of cbt never fails to bring a smile to My face. There’s just so much that someone with an imagination can do, so many nerve endings, such delicate skin (especially after it has been warmed up with some well aimed slaps)…*sigh* We may have gotten a little carried away in the heat of the moment, this poor fellow required some recuperation readily available in the form of chilled champagne flutes I had waiting in the freezer. We had a lovely repast of smoked trout and camembert with him nestled on the floor by My feet, both of us smiling from ear to ear.

Last and certainly not least I had some delightful toilet sessions with both new and previous players. It really is a delicious experience to “break someone in”, to encourage and push them to heights that they may not have imagined themselves ever realising. And the perversity that you can push someone to when they know what to expect, well it almost knows no bounds. It is a beautiful experience.

Of course while I was in Perth I was able to catch up with some good friends of Mine, one stayed overnight and was even in the bedroom listening to one of My early sessions the next day – we had such a giggle over brunch. My flight back to Sydney was caught without a mishap – last time they’d just finished relocating the airport terminals, no fun at all! – bar one. By the time that I had reached Sydney, My voice had gone from throaty to nothing at all. Perhaps all of the laughing during session took its toll?! After a week of radio silence on the orders of the good doctor (I was threatened with permanent damage), I am now mostly back on track though I can feel tightness if I start to strain overmuch.

I hope to start to get My travelling schedule back and happening at some point this year. August might be a two-fer as it has been far too long since I was last in Brisbane and I very much want to visit Melbourne again. Perth, it is looking on track for September. Adelaide and Canberra, you are on My list of things to do so start making some suggestion for when the best time to visit is. This year can’t possibly throw anything worse at Me then it already has, so let’s get stuck into it!

x Mistress Penelope

P.S. – I’m working on a very fun self-suspension tie for a video and photoshoot with a lovely photographer. Can’t wait to show you the results!

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