The weekend after I got back from Melbourne I was busy busy busy!

I had visits from one of My lovely Brisbane boys and one of My lovely Melbourne boys – much shiny and happiness ensued. These visits had been on the cards for a while, I just love being able to take My time and plot all sorts of entertainment. It was an especially shiny weekend, and a lucky someone was able to experience all of the joy that a sling can bring – not just for positioning but also for leaving a body terribly exposed – mmmmmmm yum!


I took part in a photoshoot with the wonderful Boudoir Salon and met such a lovely lady. We got to talking, and then we got to plotting, and the connection really came out in the images I believe. While I have lost My voice for the moment , we are planning on putting our heads together and planning future magic & mayhem. I can’t wait, it’s going to be super juicy!


*THEN* I modelled for a workshop at the Hair Expo held in Sydney and got Me a brand new ‘do! I love it. It’s a big change, some people have had trouble recognising Me (like My boy, who came to meet Me at the station and almost walked right past…v. funny) but it takes 10 minutes to dry instead over 4-5 hours, and doesn’t get stuck to My latex – what more could a girl want?! The stylist choked a little when I mentioned that this was something I considered to be of importance, however they have done an incredible job and now the only thing left is to find someone local to maintain it.


With the rush of the long weekend over, I turned My attention to costume & accessories for Supanova ^_^ really, any opportunity to play dress-ups and role play with the unsuspecting is going to be a good day. Despite a somewhat maniacal night of sewing (hem damn it – hem!) My costume was complete and I have to say, it looked fabulous! I went as Dazzler – a character from the Marvel universe that fights crime with the power of disco. Yes, I know. I thought it was perfect too. I’m quite impressed with My catsuit-making skills, hmmmmm perhaps a few Barbarella roleplays on the horizon? 😉


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