About a month ago now I visited Melbourne for the first time this year. This is quite remiss of Me – usually I would have been at least twice by now – but this year has been something of a special case (see previous posts) to say the least.

Oh, how I had missed it! There’s just something that I love about visiting other cities. Each and every city has its own unique type of kink, its signature flavour of strange, and I have to admit that I’m a sucker for the wild leaps of imagination that such variety brings Me.
This is probably also why I’m a professional Dominatrix (and definitely why I’m a science fiction geek), I thrive on flights of fancy.

In addition to My regular sessions, I was lucky enough to also

  • Catch up with Mistress Alex Vicia for a double session (be very very jealous),
  • Finally meet the lovely Gala Vanting ,
  • Talk shop with the delightful duo of Bella and Paulus at Piercing HQ (did I forget to tell you all about My piercing adventures?) – now I’m hoping to get back to Melbourne in time for Hooked up #9 at Pentridge Prison YUM!
  • Have lunch with some of the wonderful women that I met at Urban Tantra in 2010 (oooh – I’ve got to tell you about that too, remind Me hm?), and
  • Meet some absolutely lovely new faces for sessions for the first time in quite a while.

Each and every one of the lovely pets I saw in Melbourne was polite, prompt and wonderfully perverted. I certainly hope to see more of them in the future, I can’t wait to watch them grow into the delightful creatures that they promise to be! I didn’t go shopping while I was in town, but was gifted some wonderful tea from T2 and some divine stockings from Wolford by several treasured boys. These shall come in such handy, particularly with the onset of the chilling winter weather.

Incidentally – if you are reading this and I said that I would send you some information/photos/links, please email Me and remind Me. If I don’t write it down straight away, I forget. And if I did write it down straight away, I dropped My phone at Supanova and shattered it…so please, just remind Me :'(

Interested in finding out about Supanova and My latest trip to Perth? Stay tuned!!

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