Dear Melbourne,

I know it has been a while, quite a while even, since you’ve felt My heels upon your pavement and My touch upon your doors. It has been far too long between drinks at your underground backstreet cocktail bars.

I miss your friendly kinksters and your fabulous deviants – sissies, slaves, latex lovers, fetishists, cucks and butt sluts.

But guess what? I’m back! Thursday 29th May through to Sunday 1st June I will be all up inside of you (in the nicest way possible). If you’d like to arrange a session, it is best to make your reservations as early as possible, particularly if there is something special that you’d like Me to pack. I have four spots currently left available for some lucky boys and girls.

Yours in kink,

xx Mistress Penelope

P.S. – I am also taking applications for drivers while I am in town. Be prepared to provide references if applying.

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