Earlier this evening while attempting to answer emails (checking news sites) I came across this fairly innocuous little article: Fantasies fulfilled, one night at a time.

It was on the Sydney Morning Herald site, and I was expecting some fairly trite garbage and then a tongue-lashing or twelve in the comments about the evils of sex. The article did not disappoint. Truisms, gender-bias, judgement of the sexual behaviours of others and a bit on monogamous people being happy. It was like a perfect run in sexual news piece bingo.

And then I read the comments. And then I re-read the comments because I could barely believe My eyes.

There were sensible comments from people talking about BDSM, the importance of trust and safety, even mentioning the possibility (and the fact!) of going to a professional to explore in a safe, sane and consensual manner.


I was sitting in My lounge room golf-clapping as I read through. Admittedly there was still an excess of terrible gender and power stereo-typing by the voices in the comments, one little soul even going so far as to proclaim he knows what women really want *bless his little cotton socks* but I figure that’s par for the course with Australia’s mainstream media, and a subtle surety that the world has not been flipped on its head.

It might not seem like any great change or revelation to you, but as a person with a keen, even vested, interest in how sex and invariably sex work is discussed in public forums like the media, this represents a significant shift in the language and the tone. I shall endeavour to post up more fabulous and exciting articles that I might come across week-to-week so that you can share My enthusiasm, or help Me come up with new insults! 😉

Have a wonderful long weekend,

x Mistress Penelope

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