Hello lovely pets and welcome to another brand new year.

If you’ve been following Me on twitter or facebook, you will be already quite aware that I have been harder to get in contact with than usual. But for those of you that have not been following, let Me give you an update.

My partner has been diagnosed with cancer. The surgeon that we have been referred to is one of the best in the state. We had a meeting with him yesterday and will be undergoing a very proactive course of surgery on Monday 3rd February. It will take 4-6 weeks for My partner to reach normal health again.

Now to the information that is relevant to you. I will not be cancelling My trip to Brisbane in mid-Feb. However, I will not be traveling again until Easter (mid-April). In the meantime please note:

  • I will not be available for SAME DAY bookings, even if I was flexible with you before.
  • I will not be available for social calls or coffee dates.
  • I will be seeing existing clients only (except where we have already discussed – that means you My Brisbane boys!)
  • Special preference will be given to foot fetish and to discipline
  • I will have zero tolerance for rude or presumptuous behaviour. Smart-arse emails won’t even make it to Douche of the Week, you’ll just be blocked.

If you would like to help, I will let you know what you can do. It will likely be something as basic as helping Me with groceries, cooking, laundry or housework, but these are the little day-to-day things that help will make a huge amount of difference in My life while I am busy stressing Myself out.

Thank you for all you lovely messages of support, I appreciate it more that you will ever know.

xx Mistress Penelope

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