The silly season is upon us once again!

Many of you (like Me) are probably still running around the office doing the “headless chicken” routine to polish off projects that you don’t want to see again next year. Some of you will be out of town, on holidays, visiting family or avoiding them altogether.

I will be in Sydney over the holiday period and will have a fairly flexible schedule from December 21 – January 5. If you would like to arrange a session, please note that all normal arrangements apply. Please provide notice of at least 24 hours as I am not available for same-day sessions.

I will be busy:

  • Christmas day from 2pm
  • Boxing day
  • New Year’s Day

If you’re thinking of spreading the good cheer this season, festive spirits (and champagne, and liquors) are always welcome 😉 You are all so good and already know what will have Me making undignified noises and doing the Happy Mistress Dance that suggestions aren’t really necessary.

However, if you’d like inspiration please check out My Wishlist. Appropriate practical & appreciated gifts this season include:

  • Nat Sherman cigarettes (My importer stopped importing *grumble grumble*)
  • good quality electronic storage devices – 1TB or less
  • a nice hi-definition camera so that I can make some lovely home movies for you all. Nothing too fancy, I will probably drop it. I have a difficult relationship with technology.


I have a few amazing photo shoots planned with some of My very very cool friends. If you think that you’re up for the challenge of posing for and pleasing several demanding women, write to Me with details, a photo and availability 

You will need a pair of black trunk-style shorts, bonus points if you own a bow-tie; be in reasonable shape (able to be bound, able to kneel); be well-mannered, polite, punctual & respectful.
Desiring anonymity is fine, your face will not be the feature of the shots.

Please note that a photo shoot is not a session.

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