I lie, it was My birthday yesterday. And yes, it was amazing!

And because it’s My birthday, let’s talk about something that I really want to talk to you about (I warn you, I’m gonna say the F word!)


Those that know Me, know that I am poly-amorous (I love several partners) and queer as folk. I’m more interested in what’s between your ears than what’s between your legs, and whether you sit or stand to pee is irrelevant as long as you don’t miss.

By far and large the wonderful people that I get to do all manner of horrible things to are respectful souls that believe in equality regardless of ethnicity, orientation or gender, and can’t understand why people would think differently.
You are fabulous individuals that bring joy into My life and I am just so damn lucky to be able to play with you.

Some of them profess to be all for female superiority, yet critiqued the ability of Julia Gillard to serve this country as Prime Minister based on her hair colour, gender and marital status.
You are hypocritical twats and thoroughly deserved the ding around the ear that you got for voicing that opinion in My presence.

I’ve had several very heated discussions in the last year on and around the subject of sex-positive feminism, about why some things just aren’t very fucking funny at all, about awareness, personal responsibility and why the standard that you walk past is the one that you accept.

I was recently threatened with violence for calling someone out on their behaviour.
That I was moved to call someone out on their behaviour is bad, that they thought it was acceptable to threaten to beat Me is disgusting. That the security guard saw nothing wrong with this situation and then implied that I’d brought it on Myself and was getting what I deserved is the reason that he was sacked.

For My birthday this year, I want one thing.
I want a promise that for the next twelve months you will call people on their bullshit.

If you see something or someone objectifying women, reducing their agency, making a rape joke or a dead hooker joke, calling a girl a slut or yelling at them…
I want you to call them on it. Hold them accountable. Tell them the joke wasn’t funny. Suggest that they should pull their head in. Ask them why they thought it was okay to say that out loud.

This would make Me very happy indeed 😀

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