A lovely review from a client and dare-I-say-it, friend (as well as an active enabler of My latex fetish and obsession with Hugo Boss high heels, naughty boy!).

While I have known him, he has grown so much and being both witness and a part of this progress has brought Me great joy.

I have been indulging myself in BDSM for over a decade now, and in the course of this time I have met several Mistresses all around the world.
All have been skilled, all have been articulate and intelligent and all have been lovely people.
However, without a shadow of a doubt, I have been very fortunate to have found Mistress Penelope.

I could write about how attractive Mistress is, how well She dresses and Her very sweet voice (watch out, it’s deceptive), but those are evident to see in her photographs (except the voice of course).
Instead, I’d rather write about why I find Her so wonderful to know.

I know age should have no bearing on ability, but I still find it amazing that Mistress Penelope is so knowledgeable given Her age.
But knowledge without skill would be bland and technical.
Mistress Penelope gives me the benefits of Her knowledge through skilled sessions.
She makes the sessions come alive, partly through Her genuine passion for the subculture, and partly the effort She makes to understand me, as a submissive.
The range of activities is wide and varied, whilst following my own particular areas of interest. My boundaries are pushed, with an almost intuitive knowledge of how far I can be taken in a particular direction.
Time spent with Mistress Penelope is relaxing, within the context of the environment, and I really feel I can open up (mentally/emotionally) to Her, giving Her more insight into my needs and desires, ensuring that they end up fulfilled.
In many ways I am more honest with Mistress Penelope than with anyone else, and not just about the physical and mental things I want to partake in.
I suppose this is part of the release of submission.
I do believe there are things that Mistress could ask me to do, that I would never have thought of doing, that no one else in the world could force me to do.
She inspires my submission. She does not need to command it.

This is not the “all” of Mistress Penelope’s wonder.
She has been kind enough to advise me on aspects of the BDSM world, She is a witty and articulate writer (even in the limited characters allowed on Twitter) and treats me with respect.
This last I cannot understate. It is a characteristic which I think cements our interactions.

If you have the desire to visit Mistress Penelope, and the courage to do so (because, let’s be honest, taking the first step is the hardest), you will be rewarded with the most sincere Mistress I have met.

I don't demand your submission, I inspire it...

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