This particular gem is from CollarMe – where hope goes to die. It’s a horrible website, but I keep My profile because I’ve met some truly wonderful people through there that have brightened My day no end, especially when I’ve been travelling.

This is not one of those wonderful people. This is a horrible horrible small minded man-creature that seems to get his jollies off on being a time-wasting spooger and oxygen thief. He has been warned multiple times about being a fucktard but can’t seem to control himself.

The “incidence reports” that I haven’t already erased are below, and are for restricted viewing. But if you’re not a member, and you’d like some laughs, check out this link.


There aren’t as many of these left as there used to be…I erased quite a few of the more desperate ones before thinking of the laughs that we could share as we read through them.



TeamViewer on for Sadists amusement taking all of subhuman fag’s dignity by permanently exposing to the world online !!! id 140 801 814 pw TakeAllDignity


Mistress Penelope

Do this again and I post all unsolicited passwords and id’s for teamviewer to your local craigslist with the heading “REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER”


A quick aside – Some of you will remember that I did this to shitlips after he elected to ignore repeated warnings. The original blog post about shitlips has been lost but I will have to do something shortly to fill you in, it really was very funny. In any case, I post warnings on My journals to advise those that send unsolicited passwords and logins to TV and other such programs that I have no hesitation in posting those details directly to craigslist.



i know You wouldn’t really do anything like that to me Miss Penny.

Hope Your having a better day now & TV is on if you in mood to amuse yourself 😉

TeamViewer on for extreme loser pervert humiliation exposure abuse!!! id 140 801 814 pw faggot


Mistress Penelope

I don’t know where you get the idea that I’m nice, or that I’m not serious.

I refer you to the following journal entry from last year:

9/25/2012 11:17:52 AM

I enjoy teamviewer play. The power exchange is fabulous, the tension, the excitement, the joy of snooping around someone else’s files while they can do nothing except look on in panic or consternation…

But it is a session and I am a professional Dominatrix. You pay if you want to play.

Please note that sending Me messages inviting Me to take over your teamviewer complete with your password & log in details will now get those details published on craigs list with the tagline “registered sex offender”.

If you’d like to organise a Skype, teamviewer, or webcam session, just get in touch and we will discuss.

Sincerely (and you’d better believe it), Mistress Penelope

And now I refer you to your own personal advertisement

If you’d like it taken down, you’re welcome to pay a penalty rate. But you’re a sick little fuck that posts these details all over your profile and journal, so you’ll probably enjoy the thrill of having it up.

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