Wow – so much traveling in the last little while has left Me behind in actual published blog posts (I have about 10 drafted for your viewing pleasure, but not published yet)… I was going to read through the list and edit one for you, but this little pearler dropped in My lap this morning and I just had to share it with you.

Today’s douche is from Fetlife (I highly recommend joining if you haven’t already…the good does outweigh the bad, I promise). Names have been changed to protect the congenitally stupid.

Now some of you already know that I do enjoy a good cuckolding session – it’s a fabulous and exciting role play when it’s just the two of us, and on the odd occasion that one of you is bold enough to experience the total humiliation of witnessing something that you will never experience, it satisfies the exhibitionist streak in Me.

And while being propositioned via email is hardly a new or different experience for Me, the total confidence of this chappie in suggesting that I should want him to be My bull without any disclosure of name or “meet up/get coffee/see if we connect” is just ludicrous.

Douche#6 30M New South Wales, Australia
wow, you have some amazing outfits and they look great on you 🙂

Mz_Penelope 25F New South Wales, Australia
Thanking you kindly.

Douche#6 30M New South Wales, Australia
May I add you as a friend?
Do you ever do any cuckolding?

Mz_Penelope 25F New South Wales, Australia
When you’ve got a name you can add Me as a friend.
I do engage in cuckolding fantasies, for this I call in My partner.

Douche#6 30M New South Wales, Australia
Oh okay… I was kind of hoping to find someone to do some cuckolding with, with me as the bull :p

Mz_Penelope 25F New South Wales, Australia
Good luck with that search.

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