This could be you!

I’ve decided to destash My drawers – well, some of them anyway – and some of you very lucky little bunnies might just be able to benefit!

I like to freshen up My lingerie and hosiery collection each year, which means that the old stuff has to go. Some of it is torn, all of it is well worn. If the pantyhose had a gusset, it has probably been removed so that I can piss all over you without taking them off (I don’t wear panties with My hose)

There are:

  • Full pantyhose $30 black sheer, black opaque, skin tone sheer – all crotchless
  • Stockings $50 pair black, nude, sheer, opaque, patterned, torn, worn
  • Panties, bras & g-strings $50 item mostly black, some white & coloured
  • Office pumps, party heels, ankle boots, sweaty joggers $150 pair

Pictures coming. If you would like your item to be especially fragrant (worn 2-3 days), let Me know. Items can be collected in person or sent via plain post.

Sale ends 30 June 2013


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