Have you ever felt helpless? Frustrated? Angry?
Does your job/boss/coworker/commute give you the shits?
Some days, is it all just too hard?

Would you like someone to take over ?
Would you like to surrender your responsibility?
Would you like to indulge in a moment where the simplest things are the only things that matter and the outside world ceases to exist?

Talk to Me.
I can help take away the stress, reducing your world until it’s just the two of us.
I can push you to the edge of what you thought you were capable of and hold you there safely, or push you just that little bit further into free-falling freedom.
I can take your energy and feed it back through you, renewed and recharged.

You will be nurtured. You will be abused. You will be a sacred slut, a profane whore, a pedestal for Mistress to stand on, an instrument of My pleasure or an object of My derision.
You will have My full and undivided attention.

I don't demand your submission, I inspire it...

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